Hormis Tharakan

Hormis Tharakan, Chief Operating Officer

Hormis is a bright leader who brings a passion for efficient supply chains and smooth operations to GA Pizza. For more than 16 years, he has spearheaded sustainable growth for some of the most innovative food producers in North America, including Nature’s Path Foods—where he was responsible for three manufacturing facilities in Canada and U.S. with a weekly output of 2.5 million pounds of food across 15 lines—and Bosley’s Pet Food, a subsidiary of Pet Valu Holdings Ltd. (TSX: PET). Hormis is a skilled negotiator, with expertise in strategic sourcing, risk mitigation, manufacturing, frozen food and inventory management. His strong leadership skills and philosophy of continuous improvement make him a catalyst of creative solutions and growth-driving ideas. A former NCAA Division 1 tennis player, Hormis has an MBA from Wayne State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Science Information Systems.